About Us

At Bravolution® we believe that the best support doesn’t have to restrict you, and that you can be comfortable and supported at the same time.

We’re specifically focused on the sports bra. Why?

Because while a standard bra might be fine for when you’re walking around or sitting at your desk, it’s when you’re moving, stretching, running, doing yoga, or doing any vigorous physical activity that you need the most support—and where you’re least likely to get it.

The wrong sports bra may not only feel uncomfortable (pinching, chafing), but may also not be giving you the support you need, which can cause pain and possibly tissue damage.

Also, you may feel uncomfortable wearing it—making you either less likely to wear one, or to work out altogether—and we can’t have that!

Fact is, while the “athleisure” and sports apparel business may be exploding, the sports bra isn’t changing nearly as fast as we wish it would.

Sexy, eye-catching designs, bright colors and styles—all of it looks like innovation, but it’s not. It’s the same old bra, or, in fact, a less supportive version, wrapped up in a pretty print.

Sure, there are scads of sports bras to choose from, but there’s precious little information on how to choose and what to consider. And that’s our job: To show you how your body shape determines the right kind of sports bra—depending on your activity and need. But more importantly, to help you embrace your own form and give it the love and support it deserves.  Gravity is a force to be reckoned with.  But so are you.

Meet Laura Tempesta, founder of Bravolution