Bra ID

Our reviews recommend bras to you based on your Bra ID.  Learn about it here.

In order to understand Bra ID, you’ll need to watch the video about sister sizing.  Once you do, you’ll understand why our reviews recommend bras based on your breast size (breast volume) not your bra size.  If that sentence didn’t make sense, you haven’t watched the video about sister sizing yet.

Your Bra ID is a color that is matched to your breast volume.  If you’ve been professionally fit, and are certain of your bra size, you can easily find your bra ID on the chart.  If you aren’t sure of your bra size, download our free guide and watch our videos.

Already know your bra size?

If you're sure of your bra size - and know it fits perfectly - find your Bra ID here:

Find Your Bra ID