Welcome to the home of sports bra badassery.  We’re here to change the world, one sports bra at a time.

In a world stacked with injustices against women, it may seem sports bras are an odd cross to bear. But I believe that our right to get active and take care of ourselves without having to bleed, chafe, or endure pain as a result, is one plank in the larger platform of equality. 


Bravolution® Manifesto

  • True support shouldn’t restrict; it should uplift.
  • All sizes and shapes deserve the same support.
  • Being heard is more important than being seen.
  • Shame and pain should not be your default.
  • When you love what makes you unique, you can love your whole being.
  • What holds you up doesn’t have to hold you back.
  • Athletic apparel is not just for athletes, or people who look like them.
  • Gravity is a force like any other; it cannot be changed, but it can be resisted.
  • There’s a time to celebrate tradition, and a time to break from it.
  • You can only change the world when you challenge the way things are.